Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Colin Farrell Plays "Restraining Order"

My pal Colin Farrell (he doesn't know me) finally got that restraining order he was looking for against Dessarae Bradford, who has been showing up all over the place and claims that Colin was stalking her.

Dessarae confronted Colin during a taping of The Tonight Show and actually walked right up on stage to do so, a la Jerry Springer. Obviously, they never aired that portion, but it freaked out it should!

The restraining order is valid for 3-years and orders Dessarae to stay at least 150 away from Colin, his 2-yr old son, and the mother of his son.

Run Colin, run!!!!
Who Restrained What!?!

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mattisfaction said...

"yo dessaraeaeae, talk to the hand."