Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Danity Kane Hits Numero Uno

While I have yet to hear one song on the radio by Danity Kane (MTV's Making the Band 3) there seems to be a large enough audience out there who has. This week, Danity Kane has the Number 1 Album in the country selling 234,000 units.

Now, let's talk numbers. When dividing that by the members of the group they must be just pushing right above minimum wage. I hope these girls work out some side promotions, endorsements, and tricks (if needed). My advice, not like they asked, would be to bank and save every last dime they make from this. There is a good chance that the money will peace out sooner, rather than later. I definitely wish them the best, but don't want to see them on The Surreal Life next season.

My personal favorite is Aubrie. I don't even care that she was portrayed as the worst singer of the group, she's the hottest....just keep that makeup on please.

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