Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Laguna Beach Gossipy Christmas Recap

Oh that's right, it's Christmas in Laguna Beach. As if the show isn't a gift in itself! The "good girls" are having a nice little x-mas party and the "bad girls" are crashing it. Clearly, Cami can crash any party since she is similar to the Kool-Aid guy. Moving on, Rocky (really?) has a new boyfriend that all the girls screamed over like they were 17 yr old girls. Oh yeah, they are.

Next up, the "bad girls" have a party and the "good girls" toss around the idea of crashing it. In the meantime Rocky heads out on a date with her new boyfriend, who looks a little like Alfred E. Neuman.

At the "bad girls" party Cami loses about 40 calories running her mouth about everyone and their mother. Good for her, she'll be in great shape before you know it! Cameron ends up leaving the part in a huff after Kyndra made a big deal out of Jessica calling Cameron. Did I mention how much I love that Jessica is still kicking around this season? Well, I do.

Fast-forward to Cameron having lunch, at an outdoor 50's diner (mad tacky), with crazy-pants Jessica. Isn't Jessica like 40 by now? Then, here is the BEST LINE EVER.....Jessica says to Cameron, "Would you be sad if I died?" AWESOME. Just when you think that Jessica, again, hit the tilt on the crazy meter she busts right through with more ragtime bullshit spewing out of her mouth. Personally, I hope Jessica stays on the show for 15 more seasons and becomes their "den mothers." By the way, after Jessica made that sentence the episode ended. I hope she's alive for the next episode!

As always, here is what I learned from this episode:

  • How many times can they talk about Chase and say the phrase, "the band"
  • Cami and Kyndra trying to "count" friends is comical. It was definitely a task for them
  • The guys are still wearing jeans while they are playing catch with a football on the basketball court. Seriously?
  • Cami seems to "jingle her bells" in every scene she is in
  • Cami gets pissed when people she doesn't know call her "dirty." Do you really need to know her to call her that or think that she's dirty?
  • Kyndra's house is sick!
  • Jessica show more signs of crazy
  • I wish I was in Laguna Beach for Christmas. Ho's-ho's-ho's!

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