Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Link You, Link Me, Link it For Always

Before I set up my link-a-palooza, I wanted to thank everyone for all their great support. Even the hate mail makes my day! Everyone that has been commenting has been awesome and I encourage you do to even more, so we can make this into one giant dysfunctional community!

But do me a favor, leave me your name. Anonymous is so impersonal and I would love to get to know all of you better. For example, "Mattisfaction" is hysterical and I can always look forward to his comments. But some of the others filed under "anonymous" I have no clue who you guys are and would love to know. Even feel free to send me your pictures and I can start adding them to this kick-ass blog. Add a little shout out in your picture about ImBringingBloggingBack and you can almost bet that it will make it on here.

Finally, what other type of things would you like to see on here? Let me beat those of you to the punch who will request that I get of the Internet. It ain't (ai-not) gonna happen.


Now that I'm off my soapbox, check out these other siggity-sites:

~Trent is having a blast at the VMA's and I am sick with jealousy....I'll be there next year! ~ PinkistheNewBlog

~Do Denise and Heather want to make up? ~ PopBytes

~Paula Abdul is sluuuuuring her way onto television ~ MollyGood

~Did Suri Cruise already win the shit award? ~ SpankCheeks

~Beyonce shows a little bit of the nippy-nipperson ~ Yeeeah!

~Owen all pasty in a bathing suit ~ PopSugar


mattisfaction said...

woo woo, bitches! i gots a shout out!!! thanks, IBBB. but alas, i am female... oh snaps!

Pop Culture said...

Mattisfaction you have been revealed!

mattisfaction said...

no wai! all you know is my gender. i'm still anonymous like suri.

Jack Sparrow said...

Hey, just checking your whole blogg. Pretty cool. mmm Okey my name is federico, but I guess you can call me freddie. Oh, sure Im from argentina, no, thats not brasil, its argentina, its south america. 3 rd world doestn rule, but its ok.