Saturday, September 09, 2006

Beyonce Makes Big Push for Potassium

Beyonce is now wearing one of the food groups and I say, why the hell not!? Sometimes I wear a fish as tie! This outfit, that she wore during the Fashion Rocks concert 2 days ago, is actually really efficient. When Beyonce gets tired from sing and dancing she can just pick herself and have a quick snack. I've always thought Jay Z was a fan of the banana and I guess this is just more evidence.


*..Jeru..* said...

What the hell was she thinking???? Ohhh what am i saying she wasnt thinking...!

that "outfit" is just WRONG ! ! !
That girl is goin insane or what?

Bye !

Lori said...

Is that a banana on her skirt or is she just happy to see Jay-Z?

Anonymous said...

It was a Josephine Baker tribute. There was a big picture of her in the background.