Thursday, September 14, 2006

Brad Pitt's Insta-Family

Sometimes I think how much Brad Pitt's life has changed from when he was with Jennifer Aniston. Back then it was fun times and nights out on the town (no clue, just guessing) and about 1-year later, POOF, he has "insta-family."

Here the Pitt-Jolie's are leaving a restaurant in New Orleans with the whole crew, including everyone's favorite celebrity baby, Shiloh! Move over Suri and "Anonymous Britney Spears New Baby", there is a new kid in town.

The magazine cover that they're all on is Gala Magazine, which is German for, "I have no clue what this magazine is."

Pics Courtesy of JustJared Who Refuses to Ever Link to Me..EVER!

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m. s. c. thompson said...

Hilarious! Yeah! Bring it back!

And thanks for visiting