Friday, September 29, 2006

Brooke Shields Laughs at Liz Taylor

Oh come on Brooke! She's an old lady for God sakes! Brooke and Liz Taylor are at "Macy's Passport 2006 Cocktail Party and Show." Brooke has that look on her face like you typically get when your elderly parents say something so awkward in front of company that you have to do that kinda fake smile/laugh and pretend it never happened. You're almost saying with that smile, "I know, she's old. She doesn't really get it. Bare with me, it will all be over soon." Or something like that.

Others celebrities at attendance for this party, besides wheelchair bound Liz, include Diddy, Jimmy Smitts, and Sharon know, you're complete cluster f*ck list of random celebrities.

Who Shot Liz!?!

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