Friday, September 15, 2006

Condoleeza Rice Bumping Uglies?

So, I get some emails once in a while about how I never talk about anything political. Maybe they don't realize this isn't a political blog, but it is Pop Culture. So...I'm about to get political on your ass!

It is reported that Candy Cane Condi Rice may be crushing on Canada's Foreign Minister, Peter McKay. These two wild and crazy kids were spotted sipping on coffee and tea together at a popular Canadian donut chain (romantic) and during their press conference, Condi continually called Peter by his first name. Condi was also in no rush to finish up their conference. Cute.

Oh Condi you slutty little minx! Don't give up the goods so soon. I mean, you're only 51! Let's try to wait until your married first. Everyone deserves to be happy, even my little CondiCane!

Who Thought That!?!?

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