Monday, September 04, 2006

Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, Dead!

Holy crap! I was seriously shocked when I found out about Steve Irwin being killed. I mean, I guess with all the risky skits that Steve Irwin has done with dangerous animals I shouldn't be completely shocked, but still...I'm shocked.

While Steve, The Crocodile Hunter, was filming in Australia for his new show, Ocean's Deadliest, he was stung by a stingray and died today. When the stingray came to close to him, Steve got on top of the stingray and it put a hole in his heart. The crew had called emergencies services and when they finally got there, Steve died a short time later.

Steve was only 44 and leaves behind a wife, Terri, and two children Bob and Bindi Sue.

Wow, this is terrible. R.I.P crocky mate, R.I.P.

Who Said That!?!


*..Jeru..* said...

Ohhh my God!! i feel sorry for his family :(



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