Friday, September 15, 2006

A Has-Been Convention

Emilio Estevez seems to be wedged in between a "crazy sandwich." Clearly, they are leading the has-been convention for the Hollywood greats of yesteryear. I'm sure I'll eat my words on this, as they are stopping for a picture while promoting "Bobby," the film about the death of Sen. Robert Kennedy. This movie has gotten some decent reviews and may lead to the comeback of Emilio Estevez, who wrote and directed this movie. He's sure come a long way since "Mighty Ducks II!" I'm a decent fan of Demi and who doesn't love a crazy Sharon Stone?!

Who Shot These Crazies!?!


Lori said...

I think "botox sandwich" is more appropriate!

Joy A said...

Demi's not that D-List, she's fucking Ashton.