Monday, September 18, 2006

Hayden Christensen Likes It Super Gay

...well at least in regards to those rumors.

Hayden Christensen sat down with V Magazine and informed them he likes to keep people guessing about the gay rumors about him. Wow, that's a weird response to give when someone just asks how you're doing?

Heyden continued to say, "To me, masculinity is the ability to flirt with the effeminate." Christensen said the rumors don't bother him "because it's fun, entertaining and a bit of a joke."

I say who the hell cares. Do we really still live in a world where people actually care about this? If he's straight then just say it. If he's gay then just say it. I mean, look what it did for Ellen and Rosie. You're almost guaranteed to get a talk show!

Who Said That!?!

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