Friday, September 29, 2006

Horrible American Idol Reunion

Ever wonder what happened to some of your old favorite American Idol contestants from yesteryear? Well, wonder no longer my friends! All of those wild and zany American Idol cats were huddling up at the "American Idol Rewind cocktail Party" at the Spyder Club in LA. In my opinion the Spyder Club is a bit of a dump, but people still really seem to like it.

Anyway, all the regulars were there like Kimberly, Carmen, Vonzelle, Justin, Brian, RJ, Nikki, Elisha, and more. No, I don't think they're cool enough to just call them by their first names, but I'm too tired to hunt down what their last names are. Just trying to match up their first name with the above pictures is a real hoot to do anyway!

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*..Jeru..* said...

Mmmmmm who are those? ohhh its sooooo sad!

bye bye...