Thursday, September 28, 2006

Jessica Biel's Public Toilet?

Hot damn I love my photoshop skills! I mean they are totally at the level of a middle-schooler and I am quite proud of that! See how I added the toilet, toilet paper, and women's room sign? Oh yes. Pure brilliance! I don't care what they say, it totally looks like Jessica Biel is about to do either #1 or #2 right there on the street. Ok, so she is with her personal trainer from the other day and is working out, but still. I think my scenario is much better than the her just boringly working out. By the way, do you think that dude can feel the wedgie?


Rori said...

I think most of her fame is related to her arms. They're hot.

mattisfaction said...

seriously, i thought that toilet was actually in the photo. party because of your incredible photoshooping skills, and partly because it looks just like my toilet at home.