Monday, September 11, 2006

Kentucky Fried Tori

With the Spelling family money all up in the air after Aaron Spelling passed away, it seems that Tori is trying to save a penny or two and eating out at KFC in West Hollywood, CA. Good for her. Feet and beaks are awesome! It is great that she is really going back to her roots. You know, when she was younger and didn't have any money. She was trying to survive off of like only $175 million back then. I don't know how she made it through it.

Who Made Chicken Right!?!


mattisfaction said...

Dear IBBB,
I am thoroughly disappointed in this blog. Apparently you overlooked the essential "big three" that must be included in any blog pertaining to KFC and/or Tori Spelling. Please revise this to include "thighs", "breasts", and "dark meat" so that I may sleep a happy girl.

Pop Culture said...

Dearest Mattisfaction,
I truly apologize for this lapse in judgement. You are more than correct that that I should have added that information, however poor Tori is now lacking in the breasts and thighs department and is pastier than ever, so not dark meat. Although, I could have said "white meat." Doh! Please accept my apology and enjoy my "Courtney Cox" blog filled with "hot cox" and "cox and balls" jokes.