Thursday, September 28, 2006

Laguna Beach Gossip and Less!

Back by popular demand is my "two cents" on last night's Laguna Beach. Buckle up kids. So, it was "formal night" for the wacky youngsters on Laguna Beach and it was time for everyone's favorite tradition: The Girls Find Ways to Ask the Guys to the Formal. And you know what that means? The girls go to complete ridiculous extremes to surprise their guys. However, these schemes are lacking this year as compared to the last two years desperate attempts. For example, Kyndra literally just wrote on the inside of a pizza box, "Will you go with me?" for her date. Ghetto. Then we have Lexi and her friends who put pink confetti paper all over her dates truck and wrote over his windows with a pink bingo dobber (yeah good idea jackass). Her friend rang the doorbell and ran away while Lexi stood behind the pink ribbon. When her date came outside, Lexi VERY awkwardly tore away the pink ribbon like she was at a ribbon cutting ceremony and asked her date to go with her. Finally, you have white trash Rocky. Yeah that's right I said it. I went there. She is. She totally seems like the fake blonde Lindsay Lohan. Rocky had a picnic waiting on the beach for her boyfriend and had a ghetto speech prepared. Tool.

Here's the best part of the entire episode for me. They TOTALLY 100% made the scenes from the dance just like the 90210 Prom, where they used like personal video camera footage and people yelled into the camera, etc. It was very reminiscent of 90210 from like 10 years ago, which brings me to my next point. I'm getting old. You know how I know? So all season they are all talking about "who hooked up with who" and "I hooked up with so and so." I was totally thinking, wow what sluts for being like 16. Well, I think I cracked the code. I think "hooked up" means just kissing somebody. One of the skanks mentioned hooking up with someone on the dance floor. Back in my day "hooking up" meant a little more than kissing if you know what I mean. Say it only if you mean it girls. Don't be little teases!

In closing, I was very disappointed that Cami didn't take this dance opportunity to have her knockers hanging out of her dress as she usually does in each episode. I was also disappointed that Jessica wasn't there to crash the formal and throw pigs blood on Cameron's date. Uggggh, I miss season 1 and 2. The good old days.

Oh well, keep slutting it up girls. You're halfway through the season. God bless.

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Anonymous said...

HAHAHA laguna is retarded but like crack--- :-)