Thursday, September 14, 2006

Laguna Beach Gossip and a Recap, Late

First, I chose the above photo of Cami and Kyndra because I am sad that they weren't in this weeks episode. However, they will always be in my heart. Second, this is one day late because I had to watch it via my Tivo (also my best friend). Third, I am getting way to old for Laguna Beach and here's why...

Jessica and Cameron go to the gym together, perhaps one of my biggest pet peeves. I hate when couples work out together. Retarded. Even worse, Cameron wears khaki shorts to the gym. Yeah, that's proper work out clothes. Jackass.

Next up, the gang heads out to a big far away trip to San Diego. I've been to both Laguna Beach and San Diego. Let me tell you, it's about a 45 minute big trip. Tessa is out there "modeling." Ok, so I won't knock the girl because she is cute, but who models like that? She kinda just schlepped out on the "runway" and stood there and laughed. I was embarrassed for her. Fast forward a few minutes and Cameron and Tessa are "hooking up" on the bed next to Rocky and her boyfriend....with the lights on...and cameras there. Who hooks up in front of their friends?

In closing, Jessica shows off her nose ring which makes her look even worse than she already does. Jessica also capped off the episode by asking crazy questions and making herself look as desperate and as low self esteem as possible. Oh, and there was a special appearance by Alex H, who now has brown hair and looks even more like a drag queen...not that there's anything wrong with that.

I may knock the whole show, but God bless Laguna Beach and God bless MTV. If I could star in one of these things my life would be complete and I have plennnnnnty of ideas! Who wouldn't want to see my mug on TV?!

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