Thursday, September 14, 2006

Lindsay Channels Archie Bunker

Archie must be rolling in his grave since Lindsay stole his hat right out of the Smithsonian Institute! However, I bet Archie never had legs like that! Lindsay is pictured wearing a bunch of random articles of clothing and her bag halfway open. Jeeze Lindsay! That's how you lose your shit!

Lindsay has been in the news again (I know, go figure) in the past few days since her co-star Jane Fonda has been quoted giving Lindsay some tough love. Jane feels that Lindsay deserves the scolding that she got from studio execs and thinks she parties too much, but still thinks that Lindsay is a great actress who just needs a hug. Jane Fonda, who is turning 70, then smelled burnt toast, pissed her pants, and fell out of her chair. Ok, well that part was made up.

I got some feedback from an acquaintance of mine who is friends with Lindsay and was less than pleased with my posting of Lindsay's stanky putanky. This person hoped that my "hoo-ha" never made it online accidentally one day. "Hoo-ha" made me laugh, so I'm considering making this a stanky-putanky free site. What? I just said considering!


Debil Dog said...

If she doesn't want her ugly cooch on the internet she should wear undies and quit showing it to everyone! It's not like this was the first time! Just one more example of how having money can't buy you panties or good taste!

mattisfaction said...


*in best tom cruise/jerry mcguire voice*