Thursday, September 07, 2006

Lindsay Robbed by the Friendly Skies

Lindsay No Pants has been robbed and not just of her youth! Lindsay had her Hermes bag stolen at Heathrow Airport in London today. What was in that bag you ask? About $1 million in "stuff," thought to be jewelry and some asthma medication.

Poor Lindsay. I can totally relate. I remember one time I lost my wallet and it had $100 in it and an old condom from 9th grade. Yeah, totally the same thing as what happened to Lindsay. Lucky for her, she only needs to say 15 words in a Pro-Activ commercial and she makes the $1 million back!

As a sidenote, the recent photo of Lindsay reminds me more and more of Heidi Fleiss.

1 comment:

mattisfaction said...

anyone who returns the bag to lindsay will receive a reward of 1 million freckles. which is like, the amount of freckles on l.lo's left earlobe.