Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Marcia Cross Pregnant and With Child

Ok, well technically it's the same thing. I may have been wrong about Saint Jennifer Lopez and Poshtoria Spice, but I think, I think, I'm right about Marcia Cross. This time, People Magazine is putting their ass on the line and reporting this news.

Marcia Cross, who is 44, has an expected due date at some point in April. Quick math tells me she's about 2-months pregnant. What ever happened to waiting 3-months before telling people you're knocked up? Oh well. Tradition.

It will be interesting to see how they work this into Desperate Housewives. Maybe they'll just pull a "Claire Huckstable" and hide her behind some grocery bags for the season. Hmmm, kinda like Nicole Richie earlier today. Da-da-duuuuun!

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mrsmogul said...

another redhead in the world..btw I can't see anything on your side column?

best, mothergoose