Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Matty Mc Never Works, Ever, Really!

Ok so he may have made some movies over the past few years, but I only see Matty Mc out on the town, typically with a beer in his hand, looking homeless. Once I almost tossed a dollar in his hat.

I like how he's doing the "shirt half tucked in" look just like the kids are doing these days. It's all the rage! Alright, alright so of course he deserves some time to enjoy himself. Hell, if I had a ton of money I would just drink all day too. Well, I don't have a ton, but I do find myself drinking frequently, but this isn't about me.

Matty Mc is cheering on his college of yesteryear, the Texas Longhorns and flashing the team signal, which ironically is the same one he would use on Penelope. Yeah that's right. I went there.

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Reel Fanatic said...

That Penelope Cruz comment was unnecessary, but I have to admit I laughed out loud .. Given that most of his movies are pure shite, I say this lack of work can only be a good thing .. Love him in dazed and Confused, though!