Friday, September 22, 2006

Matty Mc Still Doesn't Work

How do I get this life? Matty Mc is still not at work...again! Seriously, with the beard he totally looks like the guy who stands on the corner or my block with the sign that says, "Will Work for Food." Why would you work for food? I totally only work for money...or beer. Matty Mc should hold a sign that says, "Can't Surf for Shit."
Hey, as long as he's having fun frolicking in the ocean then all is right with the world. I don't know if he needs all of those bracelets though. It kinda looks like he just got back from a pub-crawl. Actually, he might have.

Who Hangs 10!?!

1 comment:

*..Jeru..* said...

Hes HOT :D

Heeeeey long time no
"seeing" u...

Bye bye !