Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Mena Suvari is a Crotch Grabber

While she was at the Entertainment Weekly Party at the Toronto Film Festival the other day, Mena Suvari pulled her best Roseanne Barr (does she still go by that name?) impression and grabbed her crotch for the cameras. The only thing that was missing was her spitting on the red carpet. Perhaps she had to pee? Perhaps she was hiding the cameltoe? These are the questions that the great philosophers have pondered for years.

Moving up from the crotch to the head, Mena is sporting the same haircut that every girl had in my 3rd grade class. It is a borderline "bowl-cut mullet"and looks nice and stringy. Why bother getting your hair done if you're only going to a party where the paparazzi will be shooting?

Who Grabbed That Crotch!?!

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