Friday, September 15, 2006

Neve Campbell Tries Out for Webster?

I've been wondering where in the hell Neve Campbell has been lately. I will have to guess no more because it appears that Neve is trying to bring popular 80's TV show, "Webster" back and is trying out for the role of Webster's adopted mother, "Ma'am Paupadopolis." I hope she gets it!

Ok, ok you caught me. That's not what she's been up to. Neve was spotted yesterday with a sporty new haircut (I think it's call the "little boys standard" when you go to t barber shop) at the Tiffany & Co Relaunch Party. Other celebrities at the party you ask? Kevin Spacey. Yup, that's it.

I'm sorry, Neve looks terrible. That haircut isn't trendy, she looks like a man baby, yeah! Also, the dress reminds me of the dresses that the "Fly Girls" would wear on "In Living Color."

Source it Up!?!

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Joy said...

Hideous dress, but I like her haircut.