Monday, September 11, 2006

Oprah Will Totally Cut You

Oprah has donated $6.5 million from her foundation to the Boys and Girls Club in her native Mississippi. This is supposed to be one pimped out Boys and Girls Club, which is made up of 32,000 sq. feet! As Oprah cut the ribbon, she said to the media, "God can dream a bigger dream than you can dream for yourself."

As much as I want to say, get off your high-horse Oprah (and I don't mean Gayle), she has donated a ton of cash-money to this charity so how much fun can I really make? Which, is why I pass that energy over to Gayle. Now what in the hell is she wearing? I think Oprah is going to have to use those giant scissors to cut that dress out from under Gayle's boobs. Any higher and her boobs would be coming out the bottom of her dress. God bless that crazy bastard. Oprah and Gayle are totally the female Ernie and Bert.

Who Did Oprah Try to Cut!?! and Who Shot That!?!

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