Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Paris Cries Like a Bitchess

At first I thought that maybe Paris was crying outside of the club because she heard her own song, as I typically do. Then, I realized that she was denied access to warm-spot, Bungalow 8 in NYC, which Lindsay No Pants seems to fancy.

Paris was there with Diddy (P. Don'ty) and Brandon Davis. I guess the club was full and the 5-0 had to tell Paris and P. Don'ty that they couldn't come in and play with the rest of the kids. So, they have to leave, but not before that other chick gives Paris a half-hug, which forces Paris to break her ankle (see above).

Looks like P. Don'ty doesn't really run the city
, like we originally thought. Please, if I had a dime for every time I wasn't let into a club, I would have like, 97 cents. Yeah, math is not my thing. If only Paris would have flashed the "stanky putanky" that may have allowed some people to exit. "One in, one out." Isn't that Paris Hilton's motto? It should be. Try it on for size.

Thanks to Jeru for letting me know about this story and sending over the picture. Jeru is the hottie just below Paris Hilton's tears. She should have an umbrella for protection.

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