Friday, September 22, 2006

Paris Hilton Expected to Explode

Ok, so we're all really impressed that Paris pumps her own gas, or at least did on this occasion. However, did she never receive all those emails warning people not to use their cell phones while pumping gas because it could cause a spark that would lead to fire and then your car exploding!? Jeeze Paris, be careful! If you were to ever leave us who would I write about? Don't be so selfish. Think of me once in a while. Oh, by the way, if you were to ever leave us you know you are totally going to hell right? Well, for being that disgustingly rich I think it's almost guaranteed that you go straight to hell. I don't know, I think I read that in the Bible somewhere. I'll go and verify.

Read About How Dumb Paris Is


Pop Culture Diva said...

This picture is ridiculous on so many levels.

Stevie D. said...

Ok, I'm gonna sound like a huge geek, but I actually think that cell phone/gas fire thing is a hoax. You can check for sure at

It's just if it was really dangerous you'd think half of L.A. would've blown up by now.

-Stevie D. (