Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Rosie, Stop Bringing Blogging Back

It has been reported that Barbara Walter (Bar Wal) wants Rosie O'Donnell to stop bringing blogging back about that show, The View.

I think, technically Bar Wal said, "Wosie, stop bwinging bwogging back," but that may be a mis-quote. I'll have to double check my source. However, Bar Wal has been quoted by Newsweek saying, "I don't like the blog."

I guess Rosie has been blogging, on her own personal blog, about her thoughts on the promotions for the new season of The View, which now "stars" Rosie O, after the other star, "Star" got the boot.

Here's my take on the whole situation. Guess what Bar Wal? Rosie O can blog about whatever she wants due to us living in a free country. Most people who do blog, blog about how they are dissatisfied with their current employer. While she may not be working at Walgreens, Rosie O is still working for you and some people dislike their boss.

Also, how the hell does Bar Wal know how to even get online anyway? Isn't she 97? I figured what really happened is that she asked what "blog" meant, who was Rosie, and then she smelled burnt toast, pissed her pants, and fell out of her chair. But, that's just my take.

Keep bringing blogging back, Rosie ;)

Who Said That!?!

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