Monday, September 18, 2006

Sutton Pierce Federline, I Figured!

So, Sutton Pierce Federline huh? Yeah, I knew it would be stupid. Ok so the name isn't bad, but I just knew that there would be something stupid surrounding the name of Britney and Kevin's new baby boy. Sutton Pierce Federline is an awful lot like Sean Preston Federline. Same initials. SPF. Isn't that cute? Nope!

"Multiple Persons Magazine" is reporting this name for the baby, so if it ends up being wrong you can blame them, not me. Ok, well blame me a little. Please forward all lawsuits to them.

Did you know/care that Sean Preston Federline (SPF 1) just turned 1 years old on Thursday? That's just days before Sutton Pierce Federline (SPF 2) was born. Now isn't that cute? Yeah, I didn't think so either.

Who Named That!?!

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