Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Tarrell Owens to Take Dirt Nap?

Did Tarrell Owens try to take a dirt nap or not? Earlier today a police report stated that paramedics had asked Owens if he finished if he had taken a bottle of 35 pills, to which Owens confirmed and even confirmed that he tried to harm himself.

This story was definitely the talk of the day, but as the hours passed, Tarrell Owens held a press conference to which he denied the suicide attempt and also claimed that the "35 pills" were absurd. Tarrell also said that "no" he isn't depressed.

So what in the hell happened? Is T.O the Mariah Carey of the NFL? What ever happened to the simpler days of pills and booze? Now people are just going overboard. It's people like T.O who make the rest of us just focus on pills OR booze. Thanks for ruining it for everyone Tarrell!

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Lori said...

Poor little T.O. wasn't getting any attention this week, so he had to resort to this. :::breaks out violin::: Cry me a freakin' river! T.O. and TomKat must share publicity stunt tips.