Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Victoria Beckham Has Teeth, No Really!

I know. I know. Yes, Poshtoria is actually showing her teeth. Yes. Teeth. As she was shopping in Rome just the other day you almost get the feeling that she wants to smile. You definitely see teeth, so I assumed she was attempting to smile, but alas, she could not go through with it.

As a sidenote, she is also dressed like a complete horses-ass. I feel like she kinda looks like a "news-boy" circa 1927 when everyone was named "Mugsy" and stole large pieces of ice off the icetruck as it traveled down cobblestone Knickerbocker Lane. Still with me? Ok, well to sum up she looks like an idiot. While it is lesbian-sporty-spice-chic, it doesn't suit her well. Ellen, yes. Poshtoria. No.

Who's The NewsBoy!?!

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