Monday, September 04, 2006

Victoria Beckham With Child, Pregnant

Well, I was tricked by Saint Jennifer Lopez and now I've been tricked by Poshtoria Beckham. Looks like she ISN'T pregnant right now. That's what I get when I listed to crap gossip from Purple Perez. I'm an idiot and that's what I get!

Original Story:

Well just when I was tricked by Saint Jennifer Lopez being pregnant, it looks as if Victoria Beckham may be "with child." Even though we saw her boozing it up in photos just a few short weeks ago, her husband David Beckham (you may have heard of him?) broke the news about her pregnancy in Spanish.

Yes, my friends, the Beckham's can speak multiple languages. Apparently, David was on a Spanish talk show and when the paparazzi asked him if Poshtoria was expecting, David broke out his Spanish-to-English dictionary and stated, "Si." Folks, that means "yes" in Spanish. I hope I helped clear that up.

Poshtoria and David Beckham are expected to announce that they are expecting on Tuesday, according to god-for-saken Perez. Poshtoria is also expected to 100% completely lose her figure, yet sprout ginormous breasts. Good for her.

If this story, like the Saint Jennifer Lopez story, ends up not being true I am hanging up my pregnancy rumor hat and will strictly focus in on Jennifer Aniston's boobs. Congrats Beckham's on your newest little spicelet. If you would like an, "ImBringingBloggingBack" Onesie, just let me know.


Anonymous said...

"Poshtoria"????? aWeSoMe!!!!!!!

mrsmogul said...

I's crazy! FOURTH KID COMING! And she's like my age!

alexandria said...

LOL! I love how you put things. I could definitely see you on "The Soup." I hope you reach your goal one day. And if you do, don't forget us little people ;)

*..Jeru..* said...

Well honey i do hope that this one is reaaaally pregs! cuz all of our dear celebs mommys tobe are about to pop !!

Congrax to Poshtoria [by the wat NICE***] and Mr. Becks!!!

"If you would like an, "ImBringingBloggingBack" Onesie, just let me know <---Hilarious...!!

See ya :)