Friday, September 01, 2006

What in the Hell is Beyonce Yelling About?

Avid IBBB, Trisha, reader shot me over an email to ask what I meant when I said that Beyonce was "literally screaming at us." Poor Trisha missed the VMA's so I felt that maybe I confused other people as well. Check out Beyonce screaming "Ring the Alarm." Also, Beyonce's dance segment was very "Rhythm Nation-esk."


Pop Culture Diva said...

Right! I pulled out my black baseball cap and hoop earrings. I was part of the Rhythm Nation back in the day. This song is a wake up call to JayZ. Don't break up with her or girlfriend will start ringing that alarm.

IBBB Rules! said...

I'm watching the replay on MTV right now (for the 10th time) and was thinking of you saying that she was yelling at us....she totally is!

anddog1 said...

Beyonce must have gotten caught stealing Janet Jackson's dance moves so she must not have had time to grab her hoop earings or that black get up Janet was sporting back in '89 on her way out.