Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Where in the Hell is A Different World?

Back by popular demand is one of my favorite segments, and yours, called: Where in the Hell is....

This time we are playing with random 80's/90's show, A Different World. Ok, ok it's a slow celebrity news morning and how many more times can we see Lohan's rack or Paris Hilton's stanky putanky? Like 10? So, I get to focus my time on the zany kids from A Different World.

So, where the hell is Whitley, Jaleesa, Freddie, and Dwayne now? Are they working? What do they look like? And where the hell is Hillman? I mean and who really cares, really? Well I do, for one, so maybe you will too?

So what is everyone up to now? This may not take long to report on. Hopefully they all banked their cash money!

  • Lisa Boney - Denise Huckstable - Most recently was in the film, "Biker Boyz." Huh?
  • Jasmine Guy - Whitley Gilbert - Stared in the play, "Chicago" on Broadway, and most recently on Showtime's, "Dead Like Me." Huh?
  • Kadeem Hardison - Dwayne Wayne - Most recently was in the film, "Biker Boyz" with Lisa Boney (huh?) and Touched by an Angel with Della "Sass-a-frass" Reese.
  • Dawnn Lewis - Jaleesa Vinson - "Most" recently in "The Steve Harvey Show" and NYPD Blue. Both of those, I believe, ended about 8 years ago. Poor Jaleesa.
  • Cree Summer - Fredie Brooks - Has an album produced by Lenny Cravitz titled, "Street Faerie" and has done a ton of cartoon voiceover work for Garbage Pail Kids, Johnny Bravo, etc.

So, my friends, what have we learned from this look into the past? Good question. Here is my motto: "If you ever make it in Hollywood, even if it's for a reality show, song, cartoon, movie, TV show, etc please bank every last dime because it will be all gone...all of it, if you don't."

Check out "A Different World" on Nick @ Nite. Check your local listings b/c I can't check it for you.

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