Monday, October 02, 2006

Ashton Kutcher Sweats Brad Pitt

Do I see a love connection? Well, not quite. However, Ashton Kutcher seemed to have gotten obsessed with Brad Pitt's body after seeing him in Troy not too long ago. So much in fact that Ashton ended up hiring Brad Pitt's personal trainer for his role in "The Guardian."

Since filming on that movie wrapped though, Ashton hasn't been training and possibly picked back up his pack-a-day smoking habits. All that smoke can't be good for Demi's skin or voice and medical procedures can only get you so far.

While none of this information is really "news worthy" I've been still receiving too many emails claiming I focus too much on female celebrities and not the males ones. Clearly I still don't know my audience yet. I'm working on it! One Blog, One Love.

Who Said That!?!

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