Monday, October 02, 2006

Beyonce Gets Shitcocked!

Clearly these pictures explain themselves. I've always hated those magazines that do the whole, "Celebrities are just like us" and then show them doing stupid stuff like food shopping or sitting in traffic. However, if they did it with things like Beyonce getting hammered that would be much more entertaining. Look! Beyonce is just like me! She gets shitcocked at a bar and needs to be held up. Look! Beyonce is just like me! She is passed out and slumped over in the back of a car at the end of the night.

Good for her. Perhaps, what is the most priceless of all the pictures is that her nylons are all ripped up, just like a streetwalker at the end of her shift. See? Beyonce is just like a hooker too! I just hope this wasn't her first time drinking and got like this after like 2 drinks. It would be interesting to see Beyonce turn into quite the booze bag. Hell, I'd even go see Dream Girls if that happened!

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Anonymous said...

It could be a combination of being tired and the drinks too.