Friday, October 27, 2006

Boy's Father a Pain in the Ass

Seriously, every time I turn around there is some new story about the "boy's father" in reference to the boy that Madonna is trying to adopt. Every two seconds the "boy's father" is making a statement about the adoption. He's afraid, he was confused, he didn't know who Madonna was, he thought she was just borrowing him, he doesn't want her to adopt him, he does want her to adopt him, he's in the mood for Taco Bell. I mean, this guy is relentless.

Now "boy's father", Yohane Banda, is "afraid that Madonna may get angry and frustrated and decided to dump my son because of these people (the Human Rights activists)."
He also said one of the nicest things you can say as a father. "Boy's father" stated, "I'm afraid David may be sent back and the orphanage may not even accept him. So where will he end up? Here?" Ohhh, that is so sweet. Dude, why would the first place this kid goes if he gets rejected by Madonna an orphanage? Why wouldn't he just go back with "boy's father?"

So, here are my thoughts. Madonna sends for "boy's father" and has "boy's father" live with them in London. Perhaps he'll be their butler or assistant or something. Madonna can quickly teach him a horrible fake British accent and then they can immediately make this into a reality show that will be broadcast on the BBC and titled, "Madonna, Boy's Father, and Me!" It will open to rave reviews. "Boy's father" will sign endorsements with Sketchers, Axe Body Spray, and Swiffer. All will appear on American Idol as guest judges and then "boy" and "boy's father" can head back to their village and run for mayor. It's really a win-win.

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