Monday, October 09, 2006

Celeb Jeopardy Raises $10.15 for Charity

Yeah! Let's raise some money for charity! Oh really? Well, $10.15 will help someone I'm sure. Celebrity Jeopardy came to town and it's clearly my favorite time of year. While the target audience for Jeopardy is 57 year old women, I like to watch it during celebrity week. I love to see celebrities really answer every question since it isn't their money they're losing.

Let me tell you a little something. If the prize at the end of this game for Bebe Neuwirth was her very own TV series (and have nothing to do with Frasier) I bet she wouldn't be so "button happy." She would have crammed for this show like it was her SATs all over again!

Again, my photoshop skills were put to great use. I bet you can hardly even tell what I had to change!

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