Friday, October 06, 2006

Good Morning, Vomit Now!

Well good morning everyone. How does everyone like looking at middle-to-elderly men bathing together? Yes, I thought so...............................................................sorry, I'm back. I just came back from my 5th puking of the morning.

So, if you haven't lost total vision at this point, maybe you want to know who you are looking at. Let me explain:
  • John Travolta is the Elvis looking dude with the white towel that's wrapped as high as his chest (just like a sorority girl). Yes, the same towel that is actually less white than his legs. The women taking his cape (??) off should be the ones who win the Oscar. Oh, and it is also John in the second photo who is grabbing his boobs, similar to the old Italian ladies down the beach on a hot summer morning.

  • Martin Lawrence is the youngest guy of the crowd and the one who is humping the hell out of Tim Allen. Now that's what I call Tool Time! Oh come on, that was an easy one.

  • William H. Macy is the one that is in the speedo-ish underwear. He's also the one who looks like my 8th grade nun. You don't know her, but believe me DEAD ON!

  • Tim Allen, as stated above, is the one getting the humping of his life from Martin Lawrence.

If you have lost your vision, as I have, your best bet is to pour bleach directly over your face and over your computer, as your computer shouldn't have to suffer either. Of course, do NOT pour bleach over your face or computer as you will die. I don't need that shit on my head.

We may laugh at these four, but this is major foreshadowing for Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Johnny Depp, and me. Yeah that's right. I put myself in the same category as them. What's it to ya?

Thanks to MollyGood for Making Me Blind

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