Friday, October 13, 2006

Hilary Duff's New Stalker Isn't Me!

Hilary Duff is afraid. She's afraid for her life. Hilary is claiming that she and her boyfriend, Joel Madden, are being stalked by a paparazzi and a homeless man. Allegedly, the Duffster said that one of them is a 19 yr old man from Russia who came to the United States specifically to become romantically involved with her. Wow, check out the ego on her! Does she know how lucky she actually is? I've had to order, literally, hundreds of women from Russia in this catalog that I found so that one of them could be my bride. I then have to pay for them to fly over here and then must take care of them for life. Hilary is lucky enough to have her own Russian who comes here on his of charge!

One of the stalkers, named Max, has allegedly said that he would be willing to kill himself or engage in dramatic actions just to get her attention. Jeeze, what ever happened to the simpler days of just pulling a girls hair to get her attention. Come on dude, don't kill Hilary! Kill Haylie!

Best of luck Hilary! When all else fails and they come too close to you, don't call the police or blow a whistle or anything. Just sing. Simply singing should scare any stalker, or person, away. Try it.

Who Stalked That Duff!?!

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