Thursday, October 05, 2006

Janet Jackson's Boobs are Crooked, Nice

Looks like it's not just Janet Jackson's album sales that are in a slump, but her boob too. One boob is at attention, while the other may be taking a nap. They're still spectacular though. They just need a little air and they'll be good to go!

Janet was at the PPR Gala Dinner at Museum Des Art Decoratifs yesterday when this picture was snapped. For the record, I don't know what 4 of those words meant in the above sentence. Others in attendance were Kanye West...and that about raps it up. With the exception of her falling boob, Janet looks great! Isn't she like 40? See what money can do for you. Ageless! There's the fountain of youth people! You just need to have a ton of money. See how helpful I am? So for anyone out there that wants to look years younger, my advice to you would be: Just get rich.

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