Friday, October 06, 2006

Kanye West: The New Karate Kid

I wish my blogging program would allow for a "sub-title" because this title was a real toss up for me. I wanted to call it "Kanye West is an Asshole," but then I thought well I really need people to make the Karate Kid connection and everyone already knows that Kanye West is an asshole, so I decided for the Karate Kid.

Back to the topic at hand. Is he for real? Is Kanye mocking Paul McCartney because Paul is starting to look like a skeleton? And, more importantly, what the hell are these two doing together? They look like they're having a real blast at the Stella McCartney fashion show in Paris during, my favorite, Fashion Week. They need to stop calling it "Fashion Week." It goes on for months.

Kanye should zip that hood all the way up and call it a day.

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partyatthepalms09 said...

hey give some cred to kanye man.. sayin stuff like that is why hes so famous... ever heard of "george bush doesn't care about black people"?