Thursday, October 12, 2006

Katie Holmes Found Her Wedding Dress, So

Katie Homes recently told People Magazine that she already found her wedding dress. All together now: Who Gives a F! Let's hope that by wedding dress, she really means straight-jacket. And by wedding, she really means insane asylum. Let's play a little game. Here is a list of what Katie couldn't find. I'll start:

Her sanity
Her mind
A good lawyer
Family who cares about her
An ounce of dignity
A shred of hope
A decent movie role
Her g-spot (thanks to Tom)

Your turn!


Anonymous said...

Her pride
Her baby (where is that baby anyway?)
An excuse to not attend another soccer game
A giant cast iron skillet and/or baseball bat

Lori said...

her inner Joey Potter

Debil Dog said...

her pyschiatrist and her Prozac prescription