Friday, October 27, 2006

Kelly Clarkson Has Mom Hair

...meaning, she has your mother's haircut....literally. Go check on your mother and see if she is missing her hair. Kelly Clarkson was at the "CMT Giants Honoring Reba McEntire" last night and was performing for Reba. Honestly, I think she was mocking Reba a bit by making fun of the haircut that Reba had in 1991. I believe in order to get this particular haircut a few things need to happen (1) you must be a minimum of 43 years old (2) you must first start with a home perm (3) you need approximately 1.5 cans of Aqua Net (4) you must use the curling iron for 3 sessions of 45 minutes (5) you must have children and (6) you must be a newscaster. Is Kelly Clarkson trying to tell us something? I mean she already has the "mom hips" and "mom ass" and she is literally seconds away from rocking the cameltoe. If she lifted up that shirt (??) about 2 centimeters she would be full on cameltoe. Well, just another reason why country music and anything to do with Reba McEntire frightens me.

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Anonymous said...

Dude what's so wrong with being a mom... I'm a mom.. and I love every second of it.. and I have a mom ass and mom hips.. and guess what else I have..

A buff hot husband... w00t w00t