Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Link For You, Link For Me

Ok, so even though I'm away on my top secret mission I got up at the crack of dawn to post some stuff for today. See how dedicated I am? It is Wednesday so you know what that means!? Harriet Carter Day! I hope to be able to do that at some point today, if not by the end of the week at the latest. I know, I know, deal with it. In the meantime, enjoy this additional information brought to you by "Goya."

~ Christina Loves a Little Piss ~ Yeeeah!
~ Does Katie Holmes Have Mom Ass? ~ MollyGood
~ Madonna Can Type ~ CelebritySmack
~ Suzanne Somers Looks 60 ~ CityRag
~ Omarosa's Store Bought New Boobs ~ PopBytes
~ Brittney Want to Hop on the Madonna Bandwagon...Again? ~ SpankCheeks

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