Friday, October 27, 2006

Links Before My Vacation

Oh my friends I will be gone on a mini vacation, but will return on Tuesday. I know, the horror. I'll be heading to Florida later today to get the hell out of this cold weather and I will be looking for Saint Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx. If I find her I'll let you know. But, when I get back I'll be revived and ready to go on Tuesday! In the meantime, check out these sites to get you though this difficult time.

~ Carmen Electra's Boobs Have Their Own Credit Card ~ Yeeeah!
~ Mischa Barton Wears Dolls Clothes ~ ImNotObsessed
~ Perez Hilton's Bitch Brawl ~ CelebritySmack
~ Paris Gets Felt Up ~ MollyGood
~ Nicole and Keith: Up Close, Very Close ~ PopBytes
~ Designing Grandmothers ~ DListed
~ Mary-Kate Makes Me Afraid ~ JustJared

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nosotros23 said...

Hi, hi, hi, hi ! ! !

Have fun on your mini-vacations and if you see Saint Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx say hi from me !