Monday, October 09, 2006

Maddox Punches Brad Pitt in the Nuts

I picture Maddox saying things like, "You're not my real dad" as he gives him a fist right to the nuts. Good luck having baby number 2 after that damage! The Pitty's are touring India because they're there filming a new movie about Daniel Pearl (the journalist who was kidnapped and killed in Pakistan).

They ended up taking this facackta rickshaw all over town and at every red light Brad and Angelina's security team had to jump out and stop the paparazzi from taking pictures of them. Nice work guys, job complete!

While Angelina has been quoted saying that she was upset that they couldn't film this movie in Pakistan because she loved it there and had been there 3 times (probably orphan hunting) she was happy to be in India as well. Yeah Angelina, Pakistan is so beautiful this time of year. I mean all those magical sand-storms and delightful rock throwing really makes it such a tourist trap. Between the mix of insane heat and smell of an entire community that doesn't believe in using deodorant, I hear it's the new honeymoon destination!

Angelina and Brad then continued their stay at "Le Meridian" hotel. True story. Way to rough it guys. I'm sure if you were staying at the Best Western you wouldn't spewing out how you love Pakistan. P.S, where the hell is Shiloh?

Who Said That!?!

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Anonymous said...

this should go on America's Funniest Home Videos (yes still on air) You could win $1,000 for the funniest nut punch