Monday, October 16, 2006

Madonna to Face Jail Time?

Seriously, this story gets more and more strange by the day. Now it appears that a Human Rights group is trying to stop Madonna from adopting this kid. This group is claiming that the boy must live with her for 18 months before she can technically adopt him. Madonna and Guy had to leave Malawi without the boy since his passport wasn't ready.

According to an article by The Daily Mail Madonna hasn't begun to complete her adoption procedures and if she doesn't complete them she could face a jail sentence of 12-months. Imagine if Madonna went to prison?

Moving on to what the boy's father thinks about all this. When the boy's father made it to court over all of this he said he didn't fully understand what was going on. All her knew was that a woman in a simple black dress and knee high boots wanted to take his son away. According to the boy's father, he said that Madonna had said, "Your son is very beautiful and makes me very happy. I promise to take very good care of him." Oh that's sweet.

So let me get all of this straight. International superstar, Madonna, hops on a plane and flies to this unknown country. She literally walks through the towns and was actually seen dancing with a bunch of children (allegedly doing the vogue) and then hand-picked one child. She then stopped by court, shook hands with the father, and expected to leave with this kid and some fond memories, perhaps even of a touristy drunken wooden duck that says, "One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, FLOOR!" And you mean to tell me that it didn't work out in the end? No!? I thought this is exactly what typical adoption proceedings were like.

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