Monday, October 09, 2006

Paris and Nicole: The New Ernie and Bert

Well, well, well look who is back in action together! Nicole and Paris have reinvented their friendship as the new Ernie and Bert. These two crazy son-of-a-bitches were spotted together having dinner at Dan Tana's (not to be confused with Danny Tanner's) in good old West Hollywood last night. After dinner they went back to casa de Paris for perhaps a sleepover?

Oh look how cute they look together! The way that Nicole looks a bit like a crack-whore and she was still nice enough to give Paris the old "reach around" while Paris drove them home.
It is reported that these two will be taking their new found friendship overseas to North Korea in order to try to convince the North Korean government to stop testing nuclear weapons. Who reported this? Me. Is it true? Nope.

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*..Jeru..* said...

soooooo miss IBBB for two days and now Nicole and Paris a BFF again?

Mmm cute those two---:)

Bye bye!