Monday, October 02, 2006

Paris Hilton Stanky Putanky?

Oh how heart on a slower news night that you can always count on Paris Hilton to give me something to write about. That's right folks, we haven't played in a while, but yes it's time to play, "Hey! Is that Paris Hilton Ass, Boob, or Stanky Putanky?" No whammies, no whammies, no whammies, STOP!

I have a friend who doesn't seem to care about this game (and he knows who he is), but I must admit that having the maturity level of a 12 year old allows me to play this game. So, if you guessed "stanky putanky" you would be incorrect. This time, Paris is showing off her ass. Yes, ass. Nice try though everybody. Please enjoy your 12-month supply of Rice A-Roni as a parting gift.

Personally, I'm a little disappointed to see her wearing underpants as I thought she was allergic but I am pleased to see some ghetto bruises up and down her legs. It really classes up the outfit.

Who Punched Paris's Ass!?!


mattisfaction said...

damn. i guessed that she was showing us "travis barker's balls" - conveniently tucked up underneath her dress. oh well. at least i get a whole year's worth of the san francisco treat!

disclaimer: "the san francisco treat" is in no way a homosexual slur. it is merely a reference to oh-so-tasty rice-a-roni. which is also not a homsexual slur. oh, who am i kidding, yes it is.

mattisfaction said...

andy roddick's balls?