Monday, October 16, 2006

Patricia Arquette's Knockers Say Hello!

So as if there couldn't be enough random parties in Hollywood, I present to you: "An Evening of Scottish Fashion." Yup, that's really the name of the event. Riveting. While no one could really care about the event, who wouldn't want to see Patricia Arquette's rack!? Well, it's not really a question of who wants to see it, but who can really miss it? She's kinda going the Pam Anderson Hep Lee Rock route where it really is boobs to the wind, but good old Patricia is taking her boobs up a notch. Now, I know many of you are asking, "But IBBB, how do we know when the boobs are too high?" Great question. It's nice to see a little boob coming out of the top of the dress. However, if you can literally hold your drink, dinner, purse, keys, makeup, camera, cell phone, cigarettes, family pictures, a lamp, pens, pencils, mp3 player, tivo, tickle me elmo, a candy dish, season tickets to the Patriots, and a hard-drive on top of your rack then you probably are exposing a little to much. Words of wisdom by Pasqaule. Take it for whats it worth.


Lori said...

Do these people NOT have mirrors to check themselves in before stepping out into the public eye? Gross! And dude beside her has a seriously too short tie and clashing plaid pants. Nice!

Anonymous said...

God wouldn't have given you maracas if he didnt want you to shake them

Jolie said...

I think she wanted attention and she got it. LOL!

Hopefully, she doesn't do that very often because we might have to start a petition to ask her not to! I see nothing wrong with showing of "the girls" but not like that. It's tacky and it looks like it frellin hurts. ;)